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Automobile and ESS Battery Industry Expo Asia 2019 (AEBI Expo 2019)
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    Exhibition Area .SQ.M

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    Professional Visitors

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Exhibition Layout

Exhibition including Battery , Battery cell Material , Battery Manufacturing Equipments, Battery second-use and recycling
The exhibition area more than 2,6000 sq.m

Exhibition Categories :


Lithium Primarybattery ,lithium-ion battery

Solar Cell ,solid-state battery, Fuel Cells

Lead-acid,Ni-Cd,NiMH,Carbon Zinc,Alkaline Manganese,Na-s

Lithium–air battery,Super-capacitors ,Thermoelectric Cooling Modules and Other New Battery

Battery Pack System

Battery cell Material

Raw Material and Components for all kinds of batteries

Battery Manufacturing Equipments

Battery Manufacturing Equipments,Testing Instruments

Battery Management System

Battery Charging Facilities

Battery second-use and recycling

Battery second-use

Battery Recycle Technologies and Process Equipments

Download Center

Energy exploration , Energy transmission and storage Energy utilization
Battery important involved

Transportation Industry ,Energy Industry , Internet Industry
Battery Linking together

The incorporation of Technology, Finance, Market and Policy

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