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Automobile and ESS Battery Industry Expo Asia 2019 (AEBI Expo 2019)
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Cutting-Edge Technologies. In-Depth Multi-Industry Logic Connection

The Expo connects you with more than 8,000 battery industry engineers and executives, and more than 600 leading suppliers, from across the Battery -Cell material-Manufacturing equipments- Second-use and Recycling industry. A powerful end-to-end showcase, this mega event delivers up-to-the-minute insights on Electrochemical , Semiconductor and Intelligent technology, along with the latest manufacturing solutions along the supply chain including Lithium Primary battery, Photovoltaic cell, H2 Fuel Cells and Battery Pack System; Raw Material and Components; Battery Management System , Manufacturing Equipments andTesting Instruments; Battery Recycle Technologies and Process Equipments

Discover everything you need to make faster, smarter, and more cost-effective products at the most comprehensive event in China and Asia

The planned exhibition area be more than 5,2000 sq.m

Exhibition Categories :


Lithium Primary battery ,lithium-ion battery , solid-state battery

Solar Cell,Photovoltaic cell

H2 Fuel Cells

Battery Pack System


Cell Material

Raw Material and Components


Manufacturing Equipments

Battery Manufacturing Equipments,Testing Instruments

Battery Management System

Battery Charging Facilities


Second-use and recycling

Battery second-use

Battery Recycle Technologies and Process Equipments


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Energy exploration , Energy transmission and storage Energy utilization
Battery important involved

Transportation Industry ,Energy Industry , Internet Industry
Battery Linking together

The incorporation of Technology, Finance, Market and Policy

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